Sign Up For The SP4K Training Program


Help end weekend hunger for kids in your community! 

You want to fight weekend hunger and remove educational barriers in your community or school, but you may be overwhelmed by all the variables like money, distribution, and resources. It's a lot of work!

That's why we created the free SP4K Training Program to help community-minded individuals like you start a Snack Pak 4 Kids or Snack Shak. 
We want to share our failures and our successes to help organizations like yours make an impact in their community. 

At the SP4K Training Program, you’ll:

  • See how a Snack Pak and Snack Shak program operate in person
  • Hear from other program leaders, volunteers, and kids
  • Learn how our model can be applied to existing programs
  • Learn how to make your program sustainable
  • See the impact SP4K has had on other communities
  • Gain additional resources and tools for success


Ready to get started? Please fill out the form on this page to get more information about the SP4K Training or to reserve your spot.